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The frame of the revolving stage of the Szigliget Theater is being made

2019. December 01.

The new revolving stage of the Szigliget Theater is slowly taking shape, and its support elements are being assembled just now. The metal elements arrived at the theater on the 6th of November, and the construction team continued to assemble it until the evening. On the 7th of November, the accuracy of the runway was checked: the error limit of the movement of the 8-meter-diameter rotating stage section must not exceed 2 millimeters, said András Vernes, the chief executive officer of the Energolux Kft. The control has already been introduced in the central support column, and the motors that rotate the stage are being placed by experts these days. Once the structure of the revolving stage is completed, the laying of the floor can begin, which promises to be a time-consuming process. The mechanization of the tregs takes place in parallel with the assembly of the support elements. The control of the motors moving the batteries has already been installed on the cord floor, and the system will be operational by 25th of November. Mechanized triggers make the work of stage background staff easier and safer by allowing machine elements to be moved mechanically. A solemn handover will take place during December, during which the two theaters in Oradea will jointly take possession of the new stage.

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